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Build Out


  1. Complete the design process and submit sketch plans to the landlord for approval.
  2. Select a licensed and insured contractor. (Landlord can refer to reputable contractors.)
  3. Submit contractor and sub-contractor names, license numbers, insurance information, as well as contact information of each, to the owner.
  4. No contractor liens are acceptable.
  5. Permit appliations and commencement forms must be submitted to the Landlord for review and approval, and notarization.
  6. After the approval of the and notice displays are on the door of the premises, the contractor may begin work.
  7. All work to be inspected and all permits MUST be closed out.
  8. Certificate of Occupation MUST be submitted to owner before the commencement of business.  
  9. The general contractor must sign a Release of Lien Form and submit it to the owner before business commences.

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